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Street photography



My blogs are about my journey as a photographer.

During my journey, I am learning new skills, think about what I want to achieve and the obstacles that come with it. I love to share my knowledge and experience. My goal is to meet other people with the same passion and learn from each other.

Some of my street photography trips are recorded, supported by a google maps route, to inspire you.

Thank you for reading my blogs and please leave a comment.

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A country is a person.
The city is the heart.
The streets are veins,
people are blood.
People bring countries life.

and we capture it.


With all those people walking on the streets, there is always something going on. It’s like a living painting. Where every second comes with a unique moment that might never happen again.

If you could stop time in a city, you will get fantastic art. From beautiful scenes to hilarious moments, colorful or black & white, light and shadows, life and architecture. You need a city or town, your eye, and a camera. Show the world how you are looking towards the beauty of being on the streets. Every time you walk the same road again, it is never the same. It’s an endless environment to tickle your creativity and possibilities to write down your vision of life with light.

Since I picked up my camera and started with street photography, I needed to understand my camera and start training my eyes. A new world has opened in front me. With my finger on the shutter, I feel I can stop time, the streets, the city, the country for just a blink of a second to capture that magical moment. I have just created art about our daily life at that particular moment of the day.

For me, this is street photography.